We have an acer laptop, the power socket at the back will not accept the power plug/charger (it just falls back out and wont charge up).
We sent it back to and they have simply sent it back, no message, no fixings, no notes nothing, in fact they didnt even unwrap the power charger.
So we are now stuck with this laptop and are trying to fix it ourselves.
BUT, we cant get the bottom of the laptop off to get into the power socket section. HOW ON EARTH do you get into these things?
We have removed one part of the underside, but the bit at the back where the hinges are and the socket is, we cant get off. it sort of comes away at the front of the machine but is clearly held in place towards the back of the machine and we cant remove it.

DC – well at least they offered to fix it, on the website under our order, it now says this is unable to be fixed, please contact us for a refund. well thats all very well but what about all my information thats on it!!
I think its something called a 5210?? not too sure because its not written on the machine. I can hear my boyfriend swearing in the background right now….!!
Aha, we have now fixed it, I am talking to you from my repaired laptop. Im so annoyed that we even sent it away to be fixed, its been away for 3 weeks, they hadnt fixed it and now in a few hours we managed to get the back off it. Its to do with the hinges that hold the screen on, if anyone needs to know, you then slide the power button bit out, and get to the motherboard that way. he says ive got to be careful with the plug though as he has just soldered the existing one, we didnt get a new one

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