Has your computer gone from running like a rocket to when it was new to just barely creeping along at a snails pace? I know your angst, I had the same exact problem just a couple of months ago. Talk about frustrated. I was ready to throw my computer out the window and start over. I just didn’t have the money to go out and buy a new computer just because my computer was running very slow. I had to find out how to fix it. I tried many software programs and finally found a solution to why my computer is running slow.

1. I had to find out just why did my computer slow down.

I had to find out why my computer was running so very slow. So I plundered the internet looking for answers. When your computer is brand new it runs so quickly. All the program applications load up fast. It starts up and shuts down quickly.

After a period of time, it gradually starts to get slower and slower. This is the point where you need to find a PC utility program to fix your speed issue, or learn a little about PC maintenance to clean up your system. Here are some of the things you should try.

2. Clean up disk space.

Your computer comes with a clean up disk tool you should use regularly. You set a schedule for it to run automatically. Using this tool will help to keep the hard drive clean of temporary internet files and documents. This will help to keep the hard drive free of clutter and stop your computer running slow.

Use your add and remove programs in control panel to remove unwanted, unneeded software to free up even more disk space.

If you have plenty of space on the hard drive then you’ll need to look elsewhere for issues slowing down the system.

3. Fix errors in your computer registry

Over time your computers registry will contain errors that will need to be repaired. The registry is a critical component to help keep your computer running properly. Most people including myself really don’t have a clue about how the registry works, So it’s important to get the right software to clean the registry.

Be sure the software lets you create a back up fie in the event you accidentally erase a critical registry. There are a lots of software products out there. I’ve used a bunch of them. One of them I won’t mention by name, caused me to loose everything on my hard drive.

Instead of using a standalone registry scanner there is a better solution now. Run a system scanner. This will examine the registry and the rest of your computer for errors. Then fix them for you.

4. Get rid of spyware on your computer.

Spyware is everywhere you go on the internet. If you surf the web at all, your going to pick up some spyware. One of the most irritating things about spyware are the pop ups and pop unders continually loading and slowing down you computer.

Most spyware runs in the background so you might not be aware you’ve been infected with it. Here are a couple of good programs to get rid of it. Running a system scan will not just check for system errors but will also scan your computer for malware and spyware as well and help you to remove it quickly.

These are 3 steps that to improve your computers performance. Cleaning the registry and getting rid of spyware will help to tremendously speed up your PC. Run a scan now, and find out where the problem is that is causing your computer to run very slow.

Here is the answer to a Computer Running Slow

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