Slow computer is something all of us face from time to time at home as well as work. Whether it is a computer at home or one in the office on a network, it may slow down. Although the reasons for the problem may be different for different people, it is a serious problem nonetheless and one wants to know how to fix a slow computer.

If you have a slow computer and you want to fix it, then you would first need to find out the cause of the computer being so slow. If your computer is on a network, you should see if the patched cable is short. In case it is, you should get a cable that is longer. This will make the previously slow transfer of data quicker and will speed up the computer.

If the cause of your slow computer is low memory, then you will have to add more memory to your computer. When the memory runs low, there is more pressure for continuous performance on the hard disk and the RAM, hence slowing the computer. If you have applications on your computer that you don’t use, then you should also uninstall them so that space can be freed. This will also put less of a pressure on the operating system.

Other than the applications and programs, you should also see if you have any extra files in your computer that are of no use to you. Deleting these will free up some space for the other computer functions. You can also try defragmentation of the hard disk. This mostly tends to help because with this the files get arranged in a continuous form, hence becoming easier to be read.

You can also fix a slow computer by checking if there are any corrupt files in it. You can check this through the SMART status of the hard disk and you can also run Scandisk in order to detect any corrupt files on your hard disk.

When you are considering fixing a slow computer, one of the first factors you need to consider is how old the computer is. If you computer is relatively old and you have installed an operating system that takes a lot of space, then you may have to consider switching to another operating system that would run better on your computer. If your computer is more than four to five years old, then it may not be capable of running Vista and XP very well by now. In order to fix that, it is recommended that you should get the hardware updated.

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