READ… In this New and Improved Video on how to fix and repair your disks and games, Cds. Are you getting mad and throwing out your favorite game because it glitches or won’t work. Or going out and buying a new game? Well have I hot the solution for you. With my Easy tips you can fix your Cds and disks for FREE. YES!!! I said it for FREE! The only thing you need is a couple of household items. Watch my video and you will find out the soulution to your problem. ENJOY!!!

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Step By Step. The easy way!

1. Get a sock and toohpaste.

2. Take the toothpaste and wipe it on the sock.

3. After that spread the toothpaste all over the disk.

4. Let it sit for about 2-3 minutes.

5. Then wipe ALL of the toothpaste off with a wet/damp paper towel/sock/cloth/etc…

6.Then DRY OFF! The disk. If you don’t and you put it into you system it could ruin it so dry it off.

8. It should work. If it dosen’t try it again. If it still dosen’t work after you wipe off all of the toothpaste, then put windex, or tv, computer screen cleaner on it and wipe it off.

9. Now go try it again. It should work if you did it correctly.

10. Well good luck and have fun. If you need any help just message me and ill be glad to help.

Duration : 0:2:17

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