There is a common problem where a computer abruptly shuts down. Many people have faced this issue and so did I where my only bet was to seek a paid professional help or look around the internet for some free community advice and fix my computer for good.
One of the most important points is the age of the computer system. If your computer is pretty old, then the problem might be happening due to hardware parts reaching their end of life cycle. If this is the case, then it would be easy to get a new one rather wasting time searching for a horse in the desert.
If the computer is only a year old, then check if it’s over heating? If the computer gets heated up pretty soon, you should check if all the internal cooling fans are working properly because that really did help me fix my computer on one occasion. My computer was heating up pretty fast and started acting funny to which I got the cooling fans replaced as they had burnt out un-noticed.
Do you know? Every processor has a heat bearing capacity after which it uses its protection backup plan that self-instructs to reboot or shutdown abruptly in order to reduce the effects of heat.
Another big problem noticed is the way a many users browse internet and what kind of website they visits. Downloading a lot of software’s to test their features is a reason to worry because it can unknowingly infect the computer with virus or malware. Even though most of the software’s available are spyware free, upon their launch, they can connect to several 3rd party partner sites with an open invitation to come and create havoc. To fix my computer, I installed fresh windows with a paid version of internet security software and that is what is keeping my system trouble-free.

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