The first step would be to select and clean all your temporary internet files that might be eating up space. Also, these internet files could have cookies or harmful malware that decelerates your computer. Look at your applications and make sure they are all compatible with the version of operating system you are currently using along with the current hardware specifications.
I just asked a friend of mine to come over and help fix my computer. Although it’s a friendly help, it’s a terrific way to save money as well as learn few tips that could help me speed up my pc. I learned a lot of quick steps which helped me big time as I am now capable of running them on my own.
Next step is not completely free but can help fix my computer and save the cost of phoning a technician or even buying a brand new computer. I went ahead and download a totally free registry scanner to discover what kind of registry errors are there. Just Note, if your free scanner discovers any problems, use a paid registry scanner trial to check and repair the computer registry entries as the free one may not have all features to remove them all.
After scanning along with registry repair software program you should also defragment your hard drive that will then arrange all of your files in order, as well as speed up your pc. Kill or un-install all those files and programs that you are not going to use anymore. This is one of an excellent tip that helped me fix my computer by freeing a lot of space in the hard drive.
Outdated hardware drivers can slow down your computer. The first place you need to look is windows update and then seek advice from the device vendor who must have published a latest matching driver on their website.

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