With Windows 10, Microsoft introduced a feature called Wi-Fi Sense that allowed you to automatically share Wi-Fi passwords with your contacts.
Unfortunately for the few Sense users, due to “low usage and low demand”, Microsoft is removing the feature. Many users felt uneasy that Windows would scan their Outlook, Skype, and Facebook contacts without having control over who could see their Wi-Fi password.
In a perfect world, the platform was designed to remove the annoyance of handing over your Wi-Fi password to friends when they visited your house.
The system wasn’t as much of a security problem as you may think after reading the above. To activate Wi-Fi Sense, you needed to turn it on in your settings and then enter your Wi-Fi password before access to the hotspot was shared.
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Another nifty feature was that those whom you grant access to your home Wi-Fi network never actually see your password.
In any case, Microsoft claims that maintaining the Wi-Fi Sense code was costly. Due to the low usage rate and low demand, they decided to remove the “controversial” feature from Windows 10.
All of these changes are going to be reflected in this upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary update, slated to arrive this July around the one year anniversary of Microsoft’s flagship OS. Other changes expected in the update include real-time web notifications and swipe gestures from within the Edge browser.

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