It seems like we’re telling our readers about a new virus every single day. Unfortunately, the world of PC security rarely stays still for very long, and every day, there’s something new to report about viruses attacking computers.
The latest virus threat involves a type of spyware called FinFisher. FinFisher is actually a legitimate program made by a British firm called Gamma. The spyware was sold to governments and PC security agencies in order to educate these organizations on virus eradication techniques.
Unfortunately, it looks like the virus has escaped. FinFisher is currently infecting computers all over the world, including the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Australia, and North America.
How dangerous is the FinFisher virus? Here are a few things it can do to your PC:
-Record Skype conversations and any other conversations that take place over a VOIP connection
-Monitor everything done over the internet, including social media passwords, banking account information, any anything else you do on the computer
-Turn on your webcam to record you at your computer
-Turn on your microphone to record audio conversations
I don’t know about you, but spyware that can watch you sitting at your computer desk sounds pretty scary to me. FinFisher is currently affecting computers around the globe, and your PC could be next (if it hasn’t been attacked already).
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