For years, Internet Explorer has dealt with a reputation as being the world’s worst internet browser.
No matter how good Internet Explorer 10 and 11 have been (they’ve been much faster and safer, but they haven’t been that good), Microsoft was never going to get rid of the stigma of the Internet Explorer brand name.
So instead of trying to get rid of the stigma, Microsoft decided to get rid of the brand. Yes, that’s right: starting with the release of Windows 10, Internet Explorer will officially be a browser dinosaur – just like Netscape Navigator and the other lost souls that came before it.
Microsoft reported the news at the Convergence conference in Atlanta today. Microsoft claim it will continue using the name Internet Explorer in “some versions” of Windows 10 for compatibility reasons. But for all intents and purposes, the browser is no more.

Introducing Project Spartan?

For the past few months, Project Spartan has been one of the worst-kept secrets in the tech community. Project Spartan is the code name for the next version of “Internet Explorer”, which will now be known under a different name.
project spartan 2
Microsoft claims that it’s currently working on a new name and brand for its new internet browser. It hasn’t officially ruled out Project Spartan or simply “Spartan”, and many people seem to be big fans of the name.
Still, Microsoft could surprise everyone and come up with a totally new name.
We don’t know much about Project Spartan thus far. We do, however, know that it will support Cortana and feature a Reading List that will allow you to save articles for offline reading. You’ll also be able to sync those articles between your phone and PC. The browser may also let users annotate and clip specific pieces of web pages, making them easier to share and save.
In any case, it’s a good thing that Microsoft gave up on the Internet Explorer brand. Because no matter how good of a browser Microsoft released, people were not going to stop making fun of it.

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