Those who constantly struggle with fixing computer problems might have salvation nearby. On October 26, Microsoft will release Windows 8. Despite many complaints about the operating system’s awkward user interface, a recent video shows us that Windows 8 is so easy a three-year old can figure it out.
The video was shot by a YouTube user named AdamDesrosiers, who appears to have no affiliation with Microsoft. After he and his son had used Windows 8 for the past month, Adam was sick of hearing “tech pundits and journalists discussing how hard it’s gonna be for the general public to learn the new UI of Windows 8.”
The result of that frustration is this video:
As you can see, baby Desroriers has no problem navigating through the Windows 8 interface and finding the apps he needs. He shows us how to make apps go fullscreen and how to navigate back to the Start menu with little prompting from dad – pretty impressive for a kid who was born after Windows 7 was released.
As is to be expected with the internet, the video immediately drew criticism from YouTube commenters who cried “fake.” One commenter even told Adam to “quit using your little hobbit for Microsoft propaganda douchebag.” Since the three-year old is off camera for most of the time, some people claim that he’s not actually using the computer at all. Well, that’s YouTube for you.
MaximumPC made a good point when they said that a three-year old doesn’t have decades of muscle memory from past Windows operating systems. In other words, he’s not constantly looking for the Start button or feeling lost because he can’t find the ‘Show desktop’ button or figure out how to swipe from the edge of the screen.

However, Microsoft wants to win over users based on the fact that its operating system is easier to use than ever before, and this video accomplishes that (could you picture a kid doing the same tasks with the Windows XP or Windows 7 interface?) .
Now, the only question is whether or not you want to spend $40 upgrading to Windows 8.

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