You might have heard of the Gauss virus in the news over the last few days. It’s one of the most dangerous virus discoveries of the year, and it has the potential to wreak havoc on anybody’s financial life. And worst of all – it might have been created by a country like the United States or Israel.

Understanding the Gauss virus

So what is the Gauss virus? Well, Gauss is an incredibly dangerous type of virus that has been affecting computers in Lebanon and other countries in the Middle East. There are also reports of infected computers in Germany and the United States, although the epicenter of the virus attack is clearly in the Middle East.
Gauss isn’t the first of its kind. In fact, Gauss is based on a virus that will already be familiar to many in the PC security world – Flame. Back in May, a virus called Flame was revealed. Flame had been terrorizing computer systems across the Middle East for approximately three years before it was discovered. It had the ability to turn on webcams, record audio, spy on internet usage, monitor user inputs, and perform other nefarious actions.
According to computer security giant Kaspersky, Gauss has so many similarities to Flame that the two viruses are almost certainly based on the same platform. Each virus features approximately 750,000 lines of code and performs the same evil tasks. Gauss’s main job seems to be to intercept banking transactions performed online. When the user inputs information into a banking website, Gauss intercepts that information and shares it with whoever designed the virus.

Why should I care about the Gauss virus?

If you like keeping track of your own money, then you should be worried about the Gauss virus. Gauss has the potential to do some serious harm to computer users around the world, and some of that harm will carry into the offline world.
If your computer has been infected with Gauss, then your banking transactions might have already been monitored. In fact, Gauss could be watching you read this article right now. The virus can reportedly monitor internet history, cookies, and any username or password information.
In short, Gauss is a serious violation of user privacy, and anybody who cares about protecting their bank accounts, phone numbers, and other personal data will want to get rid of the Gauss virus as soon as possible.

How do I remove the Gauss virus?

Now that you know what the Gauss virus is and why it is so dangerous, you’ll want to learn how to remove it. Fortunately, removing the Gauss virus isn’t as difficult as you might think. Today’s leading antivirus programs will undoubtedly release a Gauss-related update sometime over the next few weeks.
Until that update is released, computer users are urged to protect their PCs with PC Cleaner Pro. PC Cleaner Pro is a fantastic anti-malware program that effectively protects users against all sorts of online threats. It also speeds up the PC in hundreds of different ways, making PC Cleaner Pro one of the most useful all-around PC maintenance programs on the market today.


Obviously, Gauss is a bad, bad virus. If you want to protect your bank accounts and other information, then you need to act fast. Download PC Cleaner Pro free today or upgrade your antivirus software.
Although Gauss is currently concentrated in the Middle East and the Lebanese banking system, it has already started to make its way west, infecting computers in the United States and parts of Europe. Don’t risk losing your personal data!

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