Rumors about the Microsoft Surface have been flying around in recent weeks. A few days ago, CNet claimed that the Microsoft Surface would be sold at just $199 – which would be a massive loss for Microsoft but would put a Windows 8 tablets in the hands of consumers around the world. Tech analysts shot back saying that this price point would be very unlikely.
Well, it appears that Microsoft is banking a lot of money on the success of its Surface tablet. According to an interview between the International Data Corporation (IDC) and CNet, the tech giant will manufacture approximately 3 million Surface tablets.
That number might be hard to grasp. However, Apple has sold approximately 84 million iPads since it first debuted in 2010, and it has posted multimillion unit sales figures consistently over the last few quarters. If Microsoft wants its Surface to catch on, then it needs to be able to supply Surface demand from the day of its release (October 26, 2012).
3 million is also enough to put one Surface in the hands of every 100 Americans, which would be a good (if optimistic) adoption rate that Microsoft could hope for.
With Microsoft producing 3 million Surface tablets, it also means that the company will probably not be selling the Surface exclusively through its online store. The Surface will likely appear on tech retail shelves across the country.
Whether it’s priced at $199 or (as many tech analysts seem to be predicting) $399, Microsoft is clearly anticipating a heavy demand for its first Windows 8 tablet. To find out whether or not Microsoft can make a splash in the mobile market, we’ll have to wait until the end of October.
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