If you own a high-end gaming PC, then you probably use it for more than just gaming. It’s your all in one entertainment center and workstation.
But staying productive on your gaming PC can be hard. Because, you know, of all the PC games you’ve got on there. That’s why I’ve got a solution. Here are the top 5 productivity tips you can use to start living a more fruitful life on your PC today:

5) Improve Gaming and Productivity At the Same Time with Multiple Monitors

We’ll start with an easy and obvious tip. Multiple monitors will probably improve your productivity while also definitely improving your gaming experience.
triple monitors
If you’re in college writing papers or lab reports, it’s immensely helpful to have data/sources on one monitor and your Word document on the other.
If you’re doing real work in the real world, then there are all sorts of other helpful uses for multiple monitors.
Of course, there’s also the gaming potential. Some people use dual monitors where they have Netflix going on one screen while gaming on the other. Others double their resolution and play their game across both monitors (although have the black bar in the middle of your screen can be annoying).
That’s why you need three monitors. You know, for productivity.

4) Restart and Update Regularly

There’s a reason tech support pros will always tell you to restart your compute before they try to solve your other tech problems: it’s because restarting your computer can be absolutely magical.
Maybe you’ve got a weird error message popping up when you open a game. Maybe MS Word is slow. Whatever the problem may be, you’ve gotta try to restart your system before you attempt any other solution.
windows update
Restart your computer regularly to proactively avoid frustration. Even if the problem doesn’t seem like something that can be solved by restarting, you may be surprised.
And before you restart, update your computer. Install Windows updates, video card driver updates, motherboard chipset updates, game patches, and all of the other updates your PC needs to continue running smoothly. Then restart – because many of those updates require you to restart anyway.

3) Stop Using your Laptop on Soft Surfaces

Okay, so you like using a laptop because you can take it anywhere. That’s great – until you start using your laptop on a soft surface.
Using your laptop on a soft surface isn’t damaging if you do it for short periods of time – like 10 minutes once per month. But if you consistently use your laptop on a soft surface – like your bed – then you could be doing serious damage to your machine. At the very least, you’re reducing its lifespan.
laptop on soft surfaces
Using laptops on soft surfaces can clog up the vents, which means your laptop can’t cool itself. This is particularly devastating for gaming PCs, which often rely on their fans to keep everything cool. Even if you’re not actively gaming, those fans run at a higher speed than normal laptop fans.
When those fans can’t suck in cool air, they suck in particles from the soft surface instead. This can clog your computer with fibers and dust.
If you want your expensive gaming laptop to die a slow and painful death, then use it on a soft surface. If you want to be productive and make your laptop last for a long time, then don’t do that.

2) Start Using the Cloud

Maybe you’ve heard about the cloud but haven’t made the switch yet. But as someone who relied on good old trusty hard drive space for my entire life, I can safely say the cloud is a productivity booster.
All my files are in OneDrive. All my electronic devices – my tablet, laptop, smartphone, and desktop – have OneDrive installed. All my files are available wherever I have internet. If I need files offline, then I can download the entire contents of my OneDrive if I wish, or only make certain files and folders available offline.
Whether you’re traveling or just moving frequently from work to home and back, the cloud is a guaranteed productivity booster.

1) Use an Optimized PC

Few things will derail productivity faster than a slow PC. Slow computers spit out PC errors, performance problems, driver issues, and all sorts of other devastating problems. Plus, you don’t need viruses or malware potentially deleting all the hard work you’ve done on your essay.
Some basic tips for a clean PC include:
-Install PC optimization software like PC Cleaner Pro 2015
-Clear your startup and temp files regularly
-Install PC boosting software like CCleaner, which instantly wipes out unnecessary PC files and can instantly speed up your PC
Nobody should be forced to use a slow PC. Thanks to modern PC optimization software, even someone who knows nothing about computers can use a computer nearly as well as a PC pro and be more productive than ever before.

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