Have you ever come home from a long day of work and thought “Wow, I wish I could do that again – just not get paid for it?”
Probably not. But that didn’t deter the developers of Job Simulator, the world’s first game for SteamVR.
While other games explore boring things like fantasy worlds or the mysteries of deep space, Job Simulator took a much more realistic approach.
Okay, Job Simulator isn’t that boring. You don’t just sit at a desk and stare all day. Here’s how the game works:

Basically, this game is a job simulator simulator.
Here’s the premise: in the year 2050, robots have taken all of the world’s manual labor jobs. Humans, in a quest to learn about the past, simulate the jobs idiots like us used to perform.
SteamVR is Valve’s major hardware project and the first major competitor to the Oculus Rift. It’s already attracted a fair bit of praise, including from some noteworthy sources. At Reddit’s r/Oculus subreddit, Owlchemy (yes, the company that’s developing Job Simulator) employee Alex Schwartz said the following:
“Comparing my Oculus Connect [Crescent Bay] experience to the Valve/HTC headset, the Valve/HTC one is more advanced and more visually stunning.”
That’s coming from someone who’s developed a game for both devices.
As far as I’m concerned, the more competition there is in the virtual reality community, the more exciting the future will be – especially if it’s a future where robots do all our manual jobs.

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