“The computer was working all fine the previous day. But when I switched it on the next day, the CPU was on and so were the LEDs and the fans, but got switched off in 2 seconds, on again in another 2 seconds and off after another 2 seconds. This process repeated continuously till the power was switched off”. If what happened to your computer is described as the ones given in quotes, then your computer might be experiencing anything from an electrical short to a hardware issue. It doesn’t take a genius to troubleshoot this problem. Please note that this is not a solution for the computer that stays on, but nothing shows on the screen. So let’s follow the problem issues step by step.
First, switch off the computer completely and switch it on again. If you can hear a beep or a series of beeps, then you can troubleshoot the problem with beep codes. Google it or find them on our blog.
If you don’t hear any beep, then you should move on to the next step, which is completely removing the computers components one by one, cleaning the case and removing any dust or dirt in the components and fixing everything back in place. Make sure that there is no metal pieces near the components as that can cause electrical shorts.
Sometimes, the reset button might be stuck, which might cause the reason for it to restart constantly. So before you go advanced levels of troubleshooting, check this point out.
One of the reasons why your computer is acting the way as described may be due to a faulty power supply. Power supply is connected to all the components in the computer and makes it a very desirable candidate for the cause. So try using an already working power supply and then try switching on the computer. Even after this, if the problem still exists, you should move on to the next step.
A faulty RAM might be the case of this problem or a faulty card. Try using only one piece of RAM or put an already working ram and check if it starts normally. If that doesn’t work then use only the essential cards and then try turning the computer on.
If all the minor hardware seems to be working well, then we have nothing else but to blame the motherboard itself. So try replacing the motherboard with an already working one.
If all of the above mentioned points failed, then you have no other choice but to resort to a professional or get a new computer altogether if you feel that your computer is quite old and needs the change.

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