Are you a social media person that reads everything in it, and clicks on the links attached each article? Well, be careful on what you open  and share as well because not only that it’s hassle, but it might contain malware and other types of viruses.  We know that people nowadays are greatly dependent on technology in almost all scenarios; may it be social media, news, web research, online magazines or magalogues, to promotional contents. Everything is done through technology, though it may also be great source of any form of crimes and destructive force. Some of these forms and forces invade our personal life and personal computer. With the internet as the main source, sometimes detecting these malicious software can be extremely difficult, and the computer’s vulnerability is compromised.

What is A2K.Damcor?

The A2K.Damcor is basically and technically a worm. It is a type of malware that replicates and circulates by itself and without human intervention. A2K.Damcor can replicate and quickly spread  inside of your computer as well as to all other computers connected to your network.
What makes A2K.Damcor extremely dangerous is its ability to multiply, spread, and infect quickly. A A2K.Damcor infection hits too fast that you won’t even notice that it was A2K.Damcor that infected your computer.
It basically infects your computer and tries to create a copy of itself as a Windows executable file (.EXE). After infecting you computer, A2K.Damcor will attempt to sneak into your network to connect with its source computer. Its primary intention is to update itself and download other malware programs and files silently.
This worm also attempts to infect the Windows Registry of your computer. Its purpose is to remain undetectable, protect other malicious programs it downloads, start up when the computer boots, and ultimately take full control over your computer sooner than you think.

How did I get A2K.Damcor infection?

A2K.Damcor may get in to your computer in many ways. Some of the common sources of A2K.Damcor include from:

  • Software you downloaded from unknown websites
  • Unknown and malicious web sites circulating A2K.Damcor worms
  • Links shared on social media websites linked to A2K.Damcor
  • Programs posted as fake virus removal tools
  • Malicious third-party video players and codecs
  • Free downloadable games
  • External media like the pen drive, DVD, and memory card  that are already infected with A2K.Damcor

Symptoms of orm A2K.Damcor Infection:

Notice the primary symptoms of a A2K.Damcor infection:

  • Unexpected operating system error messages
  • Sudden blue screen errors in Windows
  • Windows gets slow
  • Appearance of unknown software at the time of starting your computer
  • Unwanted pop-up messages getting displayed
  • Disabled installed Antivirus and firewall



Using Anti-Malware Program
Step 1: End the  process to A2K.Damcor with Windows Task Manager.
1   Use these key combination:hold CTRL+ALT+DEL or CTRL+SHIFT+ESC.
2   Click  Start button and then hit Run. Type in taskmgr in the open box and click OK.
3  Right-click on the blank area of the Task  Bar and then choose Windows Task Manager.
Step 2: Download and install the latest version of  Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware to your computer and update it.
Step 3: Open the main interface of Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware and select the Perform full scan option. Then click Scan button .

Step 4: After the scanning process, a dialogue box  will be presented

Press Yes to go on scanning.
Step 5: Once scanning is done, you should be promoted by a dialogue box saying: The scan completed successfully,  click on the  Show Results to display all objects found. Hit Yes to proceed.
Step 6: Press on Show Results to export the scanning results. Then click Remove Selected to remove the A2K.Damcor.
Step 7: The scanning results will be displayed in a notepad. Close and then the log will be automatically saved to the logs folder.
Step 8: Then you will be asked to restart your computer to completely remove A2K.Damcor. Press Yes to allow the reboot.
Step 9: After the reboot, scan again with Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware to ensure and check if your system is completely clean.
It is best to be cautious in all our activities online especially on social media, where everything can enter freely like these worms and other types of malware that can invade our computers in an instant, even before you now it. It is also note worthy to use quality anti-malware programs to ensure the protection, maintenance and safety of your computer.

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