At E3 earlier this week, Bethesda announced that its much-anticipated Fallout 4 would be arriving in November, 2015. That’s right: not November 2016. Not holiday season 2017. November 2015, as in, like 5 months away.
In addition to making that Fallout announcement, Bethesda revealed a 10 minute gameplay trailer. It was an overall exciting day for Fallout fans.
Anyways, here are 4 things you need to know about Fallout 4

1) It Will Be Released November 10th, 2015 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4

Fallout 4 will be arriving on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 10th.

That’s right: as if a 2015 release date wasn’t nice enough, Bethesda is also making sure PC fans get the game the same day as console users. That’s a refreshing change in a world where developers seem to enjoy pushing PC releases back for no apparent reason.

2) You Can Buy a Collector’s Edition with an Actual Working Pip-Boy

The Pip-Boy has been one of the core features of every Fallout game ever released. It’s worn on your wrist at all times and functions like some oversized smartwatch.
pip boy
If you’ve ever wanted to wear a real-life Pip-Boy, then it’s your lucky day: Bethesda announced a Fallout 4 Collector’s Edition that comes with an actual working Pip-Boy.
You wear that Pip-Boy on your wrist and can even use it to interact with the game via an app.

3) You Can Craft and Build in Fallout

Out of all the new features people expected in Fallout, crafting and building wasn’t expected to be a huge one.
But Bethesda surprised everyone by showing off a deeper, more complex crafting/building system in Fallout 4.
You can build structures kind of like you build them in Dust and other survival-type games: you craft a foundation, then place that foundation somewhere on the ground. Then, you craft walls, doors, etc.
You can get a better idea of how the crafting and building system works here:

4) You’ll Get to Play Pre-War Fallout

Throughout the Fallout series, we’ve been given hints and flashbacks as to what life was like before the nuclear apocalypse. For the first time in Fallout history, however, Fallout 4 will let you actually play through pre-war events.
In the video at the top of this page, we see your pre-war character (male or female, at your choice) walking around his house in peaceful, 50s-era suburbia. There’s a robot butler, there’s Nuka Cola in the fridge, and there’s a vault salesperson knocking at your door. It’s a lot like you probably expected pre-war Fallout to look.
fallout 4 2
And then your reality is suddenly shattered when the nuclear apocalypse starts and you need to run through the wilderness to get to the vault.
According to Bethesda, you enter the vault and “re-emerge 200 years later as the sole survivor of vault 111”.
Want to keep track of everything we know about Fallout 4 thus far? This Reddit thread is collecting a ridiculous list of all the features we know.

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