4K TVs started debuting at tech conventions in early 2013. Today, they’re available to consumers for ridiculously high prices (generally over $10,000). That’s a steep price to pay for a TV that features twice the resolution of HD, but it doesn’t really make sense because your TVs and movies are not available in that resolution.
Many PC games, however, are available at that resolution. Today, some PC games are optimized to be displayed over three monitors, leading to a very immersive PC gaming experience.
A recent tech demonstration by Microsoft pushed the limits of PC gaming even further. Microsoft’s senior program manager Gavin Gear setup three Sharp 4K displays and used them to play Dirt 3, an off-road racing game which supports multiple monitors.
Here are the tech specs for the rig Gavin used:
-Asus HD7970 graphics card (which comes with four display port outputs)
-11,520×2160 resolution (the equivalent of 12 HD displays side by side)
-The rig costs $17,000, which sounds like a lot of money. However, since each monitor costs $5,000, the vast majority of that price tag is in the monitors.
-Other tech specs were not revealed, but you can big Gavin was using a beefy rig
Check out the video below to see how Gavin’s adventure progressed:

It’s tough to see just how good the graphics are from a video, but “awesome” is probably one word you could use to describe it. With that many 4K displays at work, that PC gaming setup is pushing out 1.5 billion pixels per second, which is astonishing to say the least.
Anyways, the future of PC gaming looks bright. Average PC gaming rigs are already miles ahead of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and by the time 4K monitors drop down to a reasonable price, PCs will have undoubtedly established themselves as the greatest gaming platform available today.

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