Building a PC in August or September 2013? We’ve put together a list of the best PC for any type of PC you’re trying to build. Whether you’re creating a budget rig, a baseline rig, or a power performance monster, these PC builds offer the best-reviewed components that will squeeze every extra frame rate out of your PC games.
All parts featured here have been lab-tested to provide the ultimate gaming experience. Of course, the best part about having a gaming PC is the fact that it will dominate at other tasks as well. Whether you’re building a computer for school, gaming, HD videos, or a little bit of everything, here are the parts we recommend:

Budget PC gaming rig for September 2013

baseline pc gaming rig 2013
Now before you say anything mean to this PC, you need to stop and look at the parts. This PC has surprisingly powerful components that have recently dropped down in price. So despite the comparatively low price of $749, this rig will be able to run most of today’s PC games at full graphics settings.
If you’re using the PC primarily for gaming, you’ll want to consider the CPU and video card. The i5 CPU is one of the most popular gaming processors available today, while the Radeon HD 7790 has recently dropped in price and now offers the best G3D Mark to price ratio in the industry. If you don’t know what that means, it means you’re getting an excellent video card at an even better price.
Better yet, this rig includes a small SSD. For those who don’t know, SSDs provide significantly faster speeds than traditional hard drives and are excellent for gaming (SSDs virtually eliminate loading times on most PC games).

Baseline PC gaming rig for September 2013

budget pc gaming rig 2013
Sure, the baseline rig is a little expensive for some gamers’ tastes. But it provides a significant performance boost over the budget rig. The Radeon HD7950 has been out for over a year, which means that it’s significantly cheaper than it was when it was first released. The 120GB SSD provides lots of high-speed storage space and this rig is ready to run at maximum performance right out of the box. Expect to be able to run all today’s PC games at max specs – and tomorrow’s games won’t look half bad either.

High-performance PC gaming rig for September 2013

top performance pc gaming rig 2013
If you have a couple grand and change burning a hole in your pocket, then this is the PC you want. The GTX 780 video card is incredibly large, incredibly powerful, and incredibly expensive (it’s basically two high-powered video cards crammed together into a single unit).
Rounding out the high performance option is a 3TB (!!) hard drive, a 250GB (!!!) SSD and a top-of-the-line i7 processor. This PC will let you run today’s PC games without blinking an eye and if you’re investing in this PC today, you can expect it to run PC games extremely well for at least two to three years into the future. At the three to four year mark, you may want to upgrade the video card, but this is an extremely future-proof rig that offers great performance without getting too ridiculous (you could easily spend $4,000 on a gaming PC if you wanted).
Keep in mind that these PCs don’t include the cost of:
-A monitor (you should probably get two just to be safe)
Other than that, these rigs are ready to go. Shop for parts at your local tech store or go online to put together your dream PC today. And once your rig has arrived, don’t forget to install PC Cleaner Pro to push that rig’s performance into overdrive (safely).

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