On June 26, existing Windows 8 users will be able to check out Windows 8.1 – the newest update to Microsoft’s newest operating system – for free. The Windows 8.1 beta test will be available as a free download via the Windows Store.
But there is a catch involved with this offer: you will have to reinstall all your apps and programs. Yes, all your Windows software programs will be deleted, and all your ‘Metro’ apps (which Microsoft officially wants us to call ‘modern’ apps) will be removed during the upgrade.
So Windows RT users will lose all their apps and Windows 8 users will lose their modern apps and desktop software. That’s a pain for those who wanted to beta test Windows 8.1, but fortunately, this problem will not exist in the final release build of Windows 8.1
Also, your personal user settings and other information will not be removed while trying Windows 8.1 It’s just your software and apps.

Our recommendation? Wait until the final release of Windows 8.1

Fortunately, when the full version of Windows 8.1 is finally released, it will not force users to reinstall all of their apps and programs. So unless you’re chomping at the bit to get a taste of Windows 8.1 – which would be strange – then your best bet is to wait until the full Windows 8.1 build is released later this summer.
In the meantime, you can check out this video that Microsoft released yesterday previewing Windows 8.1 and the new features:

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