If you’ve never watched a video on YouTube, then this is probably your first time on the internet. The ubiquitous video streaing website has made it easier than ever to share and watch the videos we all love, and YouTube apps can be found on every mobile device on the market today.
For years, iPad, iPod, and iPhone users have enjoyed access to YouTube thanks to the built-in YouTube app in iOS. However, it looks like that app will not be included in the next update to Apple’s flagship mobile operating system.
For the first time ever, Apple has decided to forego pre-installing a YouTube app on its mobile devices. That means if iPad owners want to look at funny videos, they’re going to have to download a YouTube app from the app store or watch the video manually from the Safari browser.
Why would Apple do this? Well, it’s a symptom of rising escalation between Apple and Google. After Apple removed Google Maps support a few months ago, competition between the two tech giants has been heating up.
These two companies used to get along so well. But with Google capturing some tablet market share with its Nexus 7 (and taking over the mobile operating system world with Android, now the largest mobile OS on the planet), it looks like the days of cooperation are long past.
Apple will talk more about its next mobile operating system upgrade at an event on September 12. During that event, Apple is also expected to unveil the next iPhone.
In the meantime, Google is reportedly working on a YouTube app for Apple’s app store. If Google designs that app with the same care with which it has designed Android, it should be significantly better than the existing YouTube app on iOS.

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