Remember when we told you that the term ‘Metro’ would no longer be used by Microsoft to describe the Windows 8 interface? In the days following that announcement, rumors swirled about what  Microsoft would call its new interface now that Metro was no more.
Now, after days of anticipation, Microsoft has finally responded to questions of “Why did you change the Metro name?”

Well, that picture (released by Microsoft) still doesn’t answer our question about what Metro would be called next. According to CNET, the new name for Metro is ‘Windows 8’. That’s right: Microsoft wants users to refer to the Windows 8 interface as ‘Windows 8’, nothing else.
This might seem lame, but it’s actually fairly smart. Microsoft wants users to access the Metro – erm – Windows 8 interface as much as possible. In fact, that’s the first thing users will see when they login to their Windows 8 systems. Microsoft is clearly pushing forward the idea of a unique, app-centric Windows interface, and it wants to distance itself from the classic Start menu that has been used by Windows operating systems for generations.
Microsoft’s manufacturing partners have jumped on board with the name change. Lenovo recently revealed a new promotional page for its Windows 8 tablet, and the word Metro cannot be seen anywhere on the page.
Some say that Microsoft changed the name because a European firm called Metro AG was threatening to sue. Others claim that the name just didn’t sound that modern. And some people say that Microsoft is simply telling the truth – Metro was always intended as a code name and was never meant to be the official name of the Windows 8 interface.
Of course, the ‘Microsoft telling the truth’ idea flies out the window (no pun intended) quickly. After all, Microsoft employees have been using the term ‘Metro’ to describe the Windows 8 interface since it was released, and if Metro was truly intended to be a code name, then why would Microsoft employees use it when advertising their product?
Whatever the case may be, you heard it from Microsoft: from hereon out, don’t even think about using the term Metro user interface or Metro app. Instead, say Windows 8 user interface and Windows 8 app.

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