Today, Android is the most popular mobile operating system on the planet. Millions of users around the world are activating new Android smartphones and tablets every day, and Google’s popular mobile operating system has garnered a devoted following of users.
As powerful as Androids can be, some users want to tweak their devices to unlock higher levels of performance and greater battery life, among other things. Unfortunately, most Androids don’t allow users to access the deepest levels of their system.
However, thanks to the ingenuity of software programmers around the world, the Android community has found one easy way to access the deepest levels of the system. That method is called ‘rooting’, and new automatic rooting programs make it a risk-free and easy process for even the most technologically-illiterate Android user.

What is Android rooting?

Android rooting involves removing the default operating system from an Android smartphone or tablet and replacing it with a new operating system with different permissions. Since the new OS has different permissions, users can more easily access the deepest levels (also known as the ‘root’) of their device.

Why do people root Android devices?

People root Android because they want to use their device to its full potential. Instead of being locked out of essential files and being prevented from performing basic commands, some Android users want to access everything their smartphone or tablet has to offer.
Rooting also comes with a number of more specific advantages. After rooting Android, for example, users can access all of the following advantages:
-Longer battery life (thanks to root access to the CPU and other base system settings)
-Use your Android’s multi-touch capabilities (many Android manufacturers disable this useful function to avoid potential legal trouble with Apple)
-Faster software performance and overall better Android optimization
-The ability to tether a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection without subscribing to an expensive tetheringplan from your service provider
-Install custom ROMs that completely change the look and feel of a device
-Install thousands of apps that would otherwise be unavailable
-And plenty of other benefits

Is rooting difficult?

Rooting an Android device on your own can be difficult. It requires you to read a complex installation file and understand how .apk files work, among other things. Someone with moderate technical knowledge should be able to root their device, although it may take a few hours to learn and troubleshoot the process.
When rooting goes wrong, it can cause your Android to develop serious errors. In most cases, these errors are reversible, although there is a potential for permanent damage to occur when an inexperienced user tries to root their device.
Fortunately, those who aren’t willing to invest time into learning how to root Android aren’t completely left out to dry. A number of talented programmers have made automatic Android rooting tools. One of the best automatic Android rooting programs available today is called One Click Root.

Advantages of One Click Root

As the name suggests, One Click Root will root Android devices with just a single click. In other words, anyone who can click their left-mouse button can easily use One Click Root to access the root levels of their Android smartphone or tablet.
To use One Click Root, simply download the program from the official One Click Root website and then connect your Android to your computer via USB.
Then, run the downloaded One Click Root file and simply ‘click’ to watch the program instantly go to work. The program walks users through the entire rooting process. Once the process is complete, the Android tablet or smartphone will have been rooted and a new operating system installed.
Here are a few reasons why One Click Root is quickly becoming the most popular Android rooting program on the planet.
-Priced fairly
-Guaranteed to keep your device safe
-100% reversible
-Works on virtually any Android smartphone or tablet
-Goes to work instantly
-Easy for both tech experts and newbies to use
For all of these reasons, One Click Root is taking the Android rooting world by storm. For more information about Android rooting or to download One Click Root today, click here!

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