While most PC users are well aware of the dangers of malware, very few phone users take any precautions against viruses. That may be about to change. A recent study concluded that 75% of phone-based malware now targets Android-based devices.
While 75% seems like a big number, mobile viruses are not quite as widespread as you may think. Antivirus firm F-Secure concluded that, of the 49 different types of malicious mobile software floating around the internet over the last few months, 37 of them targeted Android devices. Furthermore, since the last quarter of 2011, mobile viruses numbers have actually declined from 52.
While mobile malware is nowhere near as widespread as standard computer viruses, it still poses a serious security risk for you and your personal information. Just like desktop PC viruses are designed to monitor your computer usage and steal your personal data, so too will mobile malware wreak havoc on your life.
Before you know it, mobile malware could steal your identity and drain your bank accounts. And, worst of all, you may not even notice anything is amiss until the next time you log into your bank’s website.
Of course, only the most dangerous types of mobile viruses will try to pull off a stunt like that. In most cases, mobile viruses simply inflate your phone bill by signing you up for a few premium text messaging lists. Annoying? Yes. Dangerous for your financial security? No.
While mobile malware is far from an epidemic, it is something that phone users should think about. As the world grows more and more mobile, it’s going to be important to protect all aspects of your digital life. However, for the time being, you should be safe by downloading good antivirus software like PC Cleaner Pro.

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