The next time you need tech support at home, you may be able to call Best Buy and have them visit your home for free.
That’s the deal with a new Best Buy in-home tech consultation service rolling out as a pilot project this week.
Best Buy, as you probably know, already has in-home tech services courtesy of Geek squad and Magnolia. However, these services are only available when an electronic device in your home is broken (in which case you call Geek squad) or if you need help setting up a new TV (in which case you call Magnolia).
With that in mind, Best Buy’s new in-home tech service aims to offer services for people whose electronics are working fine but are just interested in a potential upgrade.
And yes, it’s totally free.

Why Is It Free?

The free Best Buy service is being labeled as an in-home consultation service. The service doesn’t involve staff members fixing things. Instead, it involves Best Buy staffers providing tech consulting services where they offer advice regarding your different tech goals.
The idea is that you call Best Buy and tell them you need a surround sound speaker system connected to your home automation platform. Then, they come to your house and explain how to do that – along with the products you need to achieve those goals.

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The Best Buy consultant will arrive at your home, explain more about home automation, and recommend different speaker systems to buy. They can also guide you on how to setup home automation systems and explain how you would get started doing that.
It’s free because Best Buy makes money if you eventually come into the store to purchase electronics.
Meanwhile, if you end up wanting the products delivered and installed in your home by Best Buy specialists, you can do so at an extra cost.

Currently Available in Atlanta, San Antonio, and Austin

Best Buy’s free in-home tech consultation service is exclusively available as a pilot project in Atlanta, San Antonio, Austin, and nearby areas.
The consultations come with no strings attached: so you have no obligation to buy stuff from Best Buy afterwards. You can ask a Best Buy employee to come to your house, give you ideas of in-home tech to buy, and then order all the stuff from Amazon if you like.
Best Buy has not yet announced whether or not they’re bringing the service to other markets. It will likely depend on the profitability of the pilot project – including whether or not people actually end up ordering products from Best Buy after going through an in-home consultation.
You can learn more about Best Buy’s in-home consultation services here.

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