We get it. You’re busy. I’m busy. So let’s skip to the chase. Here are four of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your PC security in thirty seconds or less:

4) Change your smartphone PIN

Having a smartphone PIN that is easy to guess is as bad as having no smartphone PIN at all. If your PIN is something dumb like ‘1111’, ‘1234’, ‘4321’ or ‘6789’ then your phone will be remarkably easy to hack if it falls into the wrong hands. Change it to something that has no connection to you and pick a series of numbers that is not easy to guess.
Another important thing to keep in mind about your smartphone PIN is that your greasy fingers can often show people which numbers you’ve typed. To prevent your greasy fingers from showing someone your password, create a password like ‘2642’ or anything with two of the same numbers.

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What does smartphone security have to do with PC security? Well I don’t know about you, but on my smartphone, I can access my email account, Facebook, and Twitter without having to enter my passwords for any of them. Once someone guesses your PIN, they can seriously mess up your virtual life (and your real life).

3) Check the box beside ‘two factor authentication’ on Twitter, Dropbox, Gmail, etc.

Many online services now offer two factor authentication. It’s easy to look at two factor authentication as being a feature for overly paranoid people, but it’s one of the easiest ways to prevent cybercriminals from ruining your life.
Right now, two factor authentication systems are all opt-in, which means you have to go into your account settings to activate the option manually. If you’re the kind of person who keeps everything in your life on Dropbox, then two factor authentication will prevent someone from accessing everything in your life. It is basically impossible for a hacker to access your Dropbox account with two factor authentication enabled unless they have robbed you, stolen your phone, and stolen your email password.


2) Run an antivirus scan right now

Most antivirus programs have a ‘critical’ scan option or something of a similar name. This scan option allows users to quickly scan the most important parts of their computer for viruses. The scanner will look at critical Windows files, for example, and make sure they haven’t been compromised. If you only have a minute or two to improve PC security, run a critical virus scan and you’ll be able to eliminate viruses from the most sensitive areas on your PC.

1) Install PC Cleaner Pro and perform a scan

PC Cleaner Pro is great at finding problems that normal antivirus software doesn’t pick up. PC Cleaner Pro is an anti-malware tool that roots out problems from some of the most important parts of your PC – including the Windows Registry. Many of the locations scanned by PC Cleaner Pro are not scanned by traditional antivirus programs, which is why PC Cleaner Pro continues to be relied upon by thousands of PC users.
Performing a scan takes only a few minutes. During a scan, PC Cleaner Pro is often able to identify hundreds of computer problems – even if you’re scanning your system just minutes after performing an antivirus scan.
If you want your PC to be as secure as possible, then these four tips will help you do that in just minutes. Try them out today to instantly improve the security of your PC.

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