Need to protect Windows 8.1 from dangerous virus threats? According to a new report, Kaspersky and BitDefender are your best options.
Kaspersky, BitDefender, and Qihoo 360 were recently chosen by AV-Test as Windows 8.1’s best antivirus software programs.
AV-Test just recently released the results of its February antivirus tests. Here’s what those results look like:
av test february 2015
In case you’re having trouble reading those tests: the light grey bar on the right covers usability. The middle bar covers performance, and the left bar covers protection.
The worst-rated antivirus software, Microsoft Defender, scored a whopping 6 out of 6 in terms of usability – but miserably failed the protection rating with a 0 out of 6.
Meanwhile, the three top programs all got 6/6 on the three categories. Those three programs, once again, were:
-Kaspersky Lab
-Qihoo 360 AV
Followed closely behind those programs were Avira, Qihoo 360 IS, and Tencent CM, all of which were just 1 total point away from a perfect score. Better luck next year.
Ultimately, AV-Test emphasized (for what seemed like the millionth time) that just using the built-in Windows Defender software wasn’t enough to protect your PC. There are no perfect antivirus programs out there, but at least the above software gives your PC a chance to fight back.

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