Dropbox was the first great cloud storage service. Today, competitors like Google Drive and OneDrive are trying to win over Dropbox users every day.
Dropbox, however, keeps winning them back with easy service, excellent mobile apps, and the best free plans you can get today.
Dropbox is the only cloud storage service I’ve ever used. I currently have 53.2GB of cloud storage space on Dropbox and I’ve never paid Dropbox anything. Today, I’m going to share some of the best Dropbox tips and tricks I’ve collected over the years:

5) Take an hour to reorganize your files

When I first started using cloud storage, I used it kind of like a bank vault in an MMORPG: I just threw all of this random stuff into it without worrying about organization or neatness.
But that’s not a good way to go about life or Dropbox.

dropbox 2

Some people like to organize Dropbox by dates. You can create a folder titled ‘2009’ and put all your files from 2009 into that folder, for example.
Others separate files by their type. I have a gigantic “My Pictures” folder, for example.
If you take an hour to reorganize your files today, you’re going to be a happier person tomorrow.

4) Sync all your music to iTunes

Losing all of your music sucks. Nobody wants that to happen to them, but few people actually take steps to prevent this from happening to them. Thanks to iTunes and Dropbox, it’s relatively easy to protect your music library.

dropbox itunes

To do that, simply create a folder in Dropbox titled Dropbox Music and drag and drop all of your songs into that folder.
This will take a long time to sync – especially if you have thousands of songs in your library, so make sure you have lots of time and bandwidth.
Your default iTunes folder is C:\Users\YourName\Music\iTunes
Next, open iTunes and change the ‘iTunes Media Folder location’ to your Dropbox folder. It’s under Edit > Preferences > Advanced in the menu.
You can now easily sync your music collection across all your computers. Simply point iTunes on all your computers towards your new Dropbox folder. Easy.

3) Share pictures with friends

One cool thing about Dropbox is that you can create a folder and share that folder with specific friends via email. If your grandma doesn’t have Facebook, for example, then you can send your vacation photos to her via a Dropbox link and she can view them.


To share pictures with friends, simply go to, sign into your account, click the ‘Sharing’ button and walk through the steps. It’s ridiculously easy.

2) Use the automatic camera upload feature

I’ve travelled a lot over the past couple years and I’ve never once worried about losing my pictures.
Why? Because I use Dropbox’s automatic camera upload feature.

2014-06-24 22.46.20

Dropbox’s automatic camera upload will – as you probably guessed – automatically upload your pictures to Dropbox. You can tell Dropbox to only do this when connected to Wi-Fi and it will automatically only do this when you have more than 30% battery life.
This feature ensures your photos are never lost. To turn it on, open your Dropbox app and tap the ‘Settings’ button, then scroll down to auto-upload. You can choose whether or not you want to sync via Wi-Fi-only and whether you want to sync only photos, only videos, or both.

1) Use IFTTT

IFTTT sounds like I just whacked my keyboard really hard. But it’s actually a cool tech service that lets you easily create triggers on your tech devices. IFTTT has a Dropbox “channel” where you can easily setup cool triggers like:

dropbox ifttt

-Automatically add new Instagram pictures to Dropbox
-Automatically transcribe voicemail recordings to Dropbox
-Automatically download all tagged photos from Facebook and send them to your Dropbox account
It’s a cool tech service that can significantly improve the way you use your system.
Have some more Dropbox tips for us? Let us know in the comments below!

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