Are you experiencing a slow computer and tired of it continuing to freeze. Are you noticing mysterious error messages on your screen. If you have ever asked someone “help me fix my computer” because it keeps freezing up; then you have come to the right place. This article is going to discuss why your computer may be experiencing these problems.
Well maybe your computer it attempting to tell you something; the only time that you would ever experience this with your laptop or personal computer is because it is time for the registry to be cleaned.
The registry is the back bone to your PC. It is the main file that holds all the files and software that you have ever loaded onto your computer. As the computer becomes older and we upload new applications and software onto your computer; the registry is forced to expand and that is what causes it to become slow.
Most people fail to realize that the registry needs to be cleaned out every so often. Unfortunately it requires maintenance just like your automobile does; otherwise you will notice a difference in the way your computer runs.
One of the best things you can do if you have ever wondered what can I do to help fix my computer is run a free PC scan to ensure that your computer does not have any viruses. You can easily find some free PC scans on the internet pretty much anywhere you look; as a matter of fact when you visit the site below you can easily begin your scan.
Once you complete the scan on your PC the system will let you know whether the registry needs to be cleaned or not. However one thing you want to remember is that you never want to disregard what your computer is trying to tell you. If you take the time to perform proper maintenance on it; then you will notice that your computer will run faster and better.
Your investment that you make on your computer is an important one; and you should attempt to take care of it as often as best as possible. You will notice that if you run these scans on your PC when required and just take the time to remove any applications that you no longer use; then you will be able to get better use out of your PC. So next time your computer is trying to tell you something by freezing up; just take three minutes and scan it once. You will notice a huge improvement in the way that it performs the next time you use it.
If you found this article on “help fix my computer – it keeps freezing up” helpful; visit our site below. You can easily find out whether your registry requires a cleaning or not. The step by step system will walk you through the entire process; so even if you are not sure what to do, you will be able to safely clean out the registry.

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