Are you looking for a new, effective and reliable antivirus program? If yes, then download OneClean. That is definitely what the creators of this program are trying to convince you about. However, my advice would be NOT to do that! OneClean is just another rogue application aimed at corrupting your computer system and stealing your money.

So what needs to be known about this fake anti-virus application? First of all, it should be noted that OneClean (sometimes also known as One Clean) can be distributed by Trojan applications, silently sneaking into your PC. The other way you can get infected with this rogueware is via a manual download of the program from several fraudulent websites. Therefore, always watch what you install onto your computer system and don’t visit unreliable websites.

Similarly to other malicious applications, OneClean performs the same tactics to get unsuspecting computer users to purchase a full version of the program. It performs a scan of your computer system and immediately starts displaying fake warning messages that your system is infected with a huge number of malware.

All you have to do in order to remove these threats from your system is buy the full version of OneClean. However, don’t get trapped because it won’t resolve any security problems on your PC. Don’t become the next victim of OneClean. Remember that this fake program is not capable of detecting and removing neither real nor fake parasites. Moreover, it will slow down your system performance and allow additional malware to sneak into your PC.

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