It is really annoying when a computer becomes dead slow,along with problems such as freezing and crashing.So much valuable time is wasted waiting for the computer,and the aggravation is something you certainly do not need
You think back to the days when the computer was new and very fast in operation. It was a pleasure to use as it ran smoothly at top speed. What is causing this slowness now? In nearly all cases the slowdown is caused by a bloated registry which is choked with all kinds of useless data fragments. The Windows operating system has to negotiate through this mess as it runs your computer. There are pieces of never properly uninstalled or installed programs,pieces of miscellaneous data,orphaned drivers and a lot more unecessary data. Frequently there is also some spyware or adware which has been placed in your computer and is slowing it down.
What exactly is the Windows registry? Starting with windows 95 all Windows operated computers have had a registry. In simple terms it is an information databank which the Windows operating system makes use of to run your computer and do the tasks you ask it to. When it becomes overloaded with useless information the computer will slow very noticeably and become erratic in operation.
How can you correct these problems? What you must do is to clean the registry and take out all the unecessary data and no longer required information. You can do this yourself with regedit which is installed on all Windows computers. What you must first consider however is your knowledge of what is essential data in the registry. If you accidentally remove some essential data you may disable your computer. Programs will no longer work if you remove information needed to run them.
If you can’t edit your registry personally what can you do? The answer is to use a registry cleaner application. A number of these can be found on the internet. Most of them will offer to do a free scan of your computer registry and then will show you what you need to do to properly clean your registry. You can then personally do the necessary registry editing,if you are competent in this type of work. If you do not want to risk removal of essential information from the registry,for a fairly modest charge the registry repair program will do the job for you.
We have sampled a variety of these registry cleaning applications and drawn our own conclusions as to the best of them. They all will clean your registry but some are definitely better than others in a variety of ways. The very reasonable price charged is definitely well worth while to return your computer to top performance and end the annoyance once and for all.
The best registry repair applications will start by doing a registry backup so that the registry can be restored if problems occur. Then the application will edit out all the fragments and files,unused drivers and shortcuts,invalid paths and unecessary fonts,spyware,adware and much other worthless data. Your computer will then run smoothly at top speed. It is certainly a huge relief to have your computer back to working the way it should. We suggest you try the top choice registry cleaner application. The small cost is easily justified to end the aggravation of a slow running balky computer.

Slow computer annoying you greatly? You can easily return it to good performance. Having tried all the popular registry cleaner programs we found REGEASY to be best in ease of use and results. REGEASY will repair your registry quickly and safely. To find out if you have a registry problem get a free online scan here: REGEASY Registry Cleaner

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