Over time, a computer can become afflicted with so many problems that you may feel like it’s easier to just throw it out and buy a new PC. However, before you spend a thousand dollars on a brand new computer, make sure you’ve tried some of the following methods of PC repair. Not only will these tips help you extend the lifetime of your PC, but they’ll help you save hundreds of dollars in the process.

Perform regular PC maintenance

If you’re not already scanning your computer regularly, then you’re missing out on significant performance benefits. In addition to speeding up your PC, a good maintenance program will add years onto its lifespan, and can help it continue to run fast for years into the future.
If you haven’t been performing regular maintenance on your PC, then don’t worry: you can start now and still see some significant benefits. By running a scan with a good tool like PC Cleaner All-In-One, you can identify and eliminate thousands of problems on your PC and, before long, it will be running nearly as fast as a brand new computer.

Dust out your computer

Sometimes, a computer may start to crash or slow down because it is clogged with dust. Fortunately, this problem is very easy to fix. Simply open the case and spray inside with a canister of compressed air. It’s best to do this in an outdoor area with good ventilation, as there will be a surprising amount of dust inside.
Be sure to spray all of the fans on both the interior and exterior of your PC, as these are some of the most common areas where dust will build up. If you have a video card or other external devices, these can also become choked with dust, reducing their effectiveness and crippling your PC. Give them a quick blast of air to clean them out.

Upgrade your RAM

One of the easiest ways to fix a slow computer is to upgrade its RAM. Without going into deep technical detail, RAM affects how quickly your computer can process various applications, and the benefits of adding a couple sticks of RAM to your computer are immediately noticeable.
And, best of all, RAM is surprisingly cheap and easy to install. For all of these reasons, it is one of the most popular upgrades to perform on a PC, and can help make your computer feel new again.

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