If you’re a PC gamer, then you probably want to squeeze every ounce of power out of your PC. While you can invest in as much high-end, expensive hardware as you want, all of this means nothing if your PC is infested with viruses and malware.
As a gamer, viruses can significantly impede the performance of your programs. Many kinds of malware will hog up vital system resources – like RAM and processing power – which drastically impairs your computer’s ability to play games. If you notice that your games are suddenly lagging, or freezing at times that they haven’t before, then it is possible that your PC has a virus.
Or, some viruses may completely disable your computer’s ability to run any sort of programs. Advanced viruses prevent you from opening any programs that could disable the virus itself – like antivirus software. However, when trying to prevent these programs from opening, the malware could disable your games as well. If this is the case, then it could be a sign of any one of a number of different problems, the most serious being a virus or spyware.
Other forms of malware may attack your hard drive, which is where most of your gaming information is stored. If this is the case, then your games could start stuttering and stalling, or even refuse to run. Of course, some games are not installed on the hard drive at all, and run through your internet browser. Unfortunately, this is another place that viruses commonly attack.  If your PC is infected with a dangerous browser virus, you may not be able to play games. Or, worse, your information may be stolen, or your bank accounts could be hacked.
Put simply, if you want to play your PC games smoothly and efficiently, you need to invest in a piece of software like PC Cleaner. In addition to ridding your computer of dangerous and game-impeding viruses, fixing your computer with PC Cleaner will smooth out any performance flaws that you may have. Ultimately, this means that your games could run faster – and look better – than ever before.

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