If you’ve been keeping up to date on the latest tech news, then you may have heard about something called cloud storage and cloud computing. These two advances in technology work hand-in-hand to provide easy and effective storage solutions for your business.
Essentially, cloud computing stores all of your important files and documents in a ‘cloud’, which is basically just a colorful term for a remote online server. People who have access to this cloud can easily copy files to their PC, edit them on the cloud, or send them to other people. This is changing the way that people do business and is helping millions of people juggle files between work and home.
But there’s also one major advantage that is often overlooked when talking about cloud storage: the ability to remove clutter from your PC. When paired with an effective clutter removal tool like PC Cleaner Pro, cloud storage is a fantastic tool that can free up many gigabytes of space on your hard drive.
How does it work? Well, when you run a scan with PC Cleaner Pro, it identifies areas where you can remove clutter. Then, it removes any unnecessary data and suggests other folders where you can free up space. In that sense, PC Cleaner Pro removes all of the big files that you didn’t even know existed on your PC, including temporary internet cache files and other useless data that is stored by programs on your computer.
However, these problems only indicate one part of your PC’s storage problems. You also have pictures, videos, music, and other files that are taking up a huge amount of storage space on your hard drive. If you’re running out of storage room – or simply want to optimize your hard drive’s performance – then you need to move these files to another location.
This is where cloud storage comes in handy. By offering you a large online storage locker, cloud storage services can help you eliminate plenty of clutter from your PC. Since cloud storage is often free for the first few gigabytes of space, you can store quite a bit of data on these systems in order to speed up your hard drive’s performance. And, even better you can sign up for multiple cloud storage systems and take advantage of their free space in order to store even more files.
Some of the world’s most popular cloud storage systems include Microsoft SkyDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Amazon, Apple, and hundreds of other companies also offer free cloud storage space. By taking the time to sign up for a few of these services – and performing a quick scan with PC Cleaner Pro – you can significantly improve the performance of your computer and free up storage space in the process.

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