In the future, you may be able to carry around a full-sized desktop PC in a container no larger than a phone charger. As evidence for that fact, someone made a Windows 10 PC as small as a phone charger.
That “someone” is a company called Quanta. Microsoft employee Nick Parker showed off the Quanta Computer Plug computer during his Computex keynote address in Taiwan.
The new computer looks remarkably like a phone charger. The bulk of the PC is used to handle the power input, with the remaining space being used for two USB 3.0 ports and an HDMI port.
The Quanta Computer Plug isn’t just a full-sized computer in a box: it can also turn your TV into an instant smart TV.
Although Nick didn’t say which version of Windows it was running, it’s safe to say that it was Windows 10. That’s the full version of Windows 10, by the way, and not some lite mobile version.
Nick didn’t reveal the tech specs of the computer, but they’re obviously high enough to run Windows 10.

Microsoft Following in Intel’s Footsteps

Microsoft isn’t the first computer maker to generate hype using a pint-sized PC. Intel introduced the Compute Stick a few years ago, letting Android users turn their TV into a smart TV.
Quanta, the company that made this new charger-sized PC, doesn’t actually sell computers. It is, however, one of the biggest original design manufacturers (ODMs) in the world today. That means they build things for OEMs, which are companies like Dell and HP.

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