Most people use ATMs to take out cash and deposit checks. That’s it.
However, some people do more than that. Some people take ATMs to the next level and use them to play PC games.
You see, over 95% of the world’s ATMs run a specialized version of Windows XP. ATMs aren’t traditional PCs, but they’re not as different from the average computer as you might think. That version of Windows XP is called Windows Embedded POSReady 2009. It’s extremely secure and designed to run banking applications.
Basically, ATMs are just specialized PCs.
Of course, it’s difficult to do anything fun with an ATM because, you know, security and all that.
But a group of Australian hackers decided to see how far they could get with an ATM. They actually got pretty far and were able to successfully play Doom on a hacked ATM.

In that video, we get a behind-the-scenes look at the ATM and its exposed wiring. The “hackers” used an I-PAC2 circuit board to activate the controls and they plan to use the built-in ATM buttons to control the game in the future.
Anyways, this is a totally useless waste of time, but it’s interesting to see ATMs being used for more than just banking.

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