The GTX 690 is one of the most powerful graphics cards available on the market today. It’s a popular card that has enough guts to run just about any of today’s games at their maximum specs.
And one gamer was so in love with his GTX 690 that he decided to make a massive Lego replica of the card. 23 year old GTX 690 user and self-described Nvidia superfan Xiaosheng Li designed the model and built it himself over the course of 3 months.
This Lego replica is absolutely not to scale. It’s six feet (1.8m) long and will certainly not let you run the latest games at their top specs. It took exactly 11,396 Lego blocks to build at a cost of $1,640 USD.

gtx 690 lego 3

The replica was made using a software program called Lego Digital Designer. That software lets you build any Lego set and order the parts online to build at home.
Remember the part where I said the card doesn’t run games? Well, that’s true. But it does do something cool: the heatsink fan actually spins around thanks to the use of an electrical fan motor.
Now that’s cool.

gtx 690 lego

Li posted his story at the Tech Power Up forums where he describes the method to his madness as well as the reasons behind his Nvidia superfandom:
“First, allow me to make a brief introduction. I am a super fan of NVIDIA and once visited NVIDIA’s US headquarters and got the signature of Mr. Jen-Hsun Huang. Moreover, I luckily became the administrator of NVIDIA’s official Sina Weibo account. I believe that I must be the happiest NVIDIA-fan in the world.”
Li then goes on to describe his early prototypes of the GTX 690, including cards that were closer to the actual scale. Before long, Li had created a version of the GTX 690 in Microsoft Excel and was ready to begin building the creation on Lego’s official software.

gtx 690 lgo

The attention to detail behind this thing is insane. It’s clear to see that Li is obsessed with perfection, with every piece of the creation perfectly reflecting the Nvidia 690 card down to the Nvidia logo.
The story has made international headlines and Nvidia even recognized Li’s feat on its blog. The only question is: where is Li going to put this thing?

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