For years, tech industry experts have argued that mobile payments would never take off until Apple supported mobile payment technology.
Lo and behold, Apple released mobile payment technology late in 2014 by introducing Apple Pay. Overnight, billions of people immediately began using mobile payment technology to pay for everything.
Just kidding.
Apple did release Apple Pay in November 2014. But over the past few months, only a small percentage of iPhone 6 users have signed up for the service.
According to a recent report from InfoScout and called “Apple Pay By The Numbers: Adoption And Behavior”, only 6% of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users have signed up for Apple Pay.
A total of 9% of users have tried Apple Pay. In November, that number was 4%, and in December, it was at 5%.
So in other words, the statistics seem to show that an early group of users was really excited about the initial release of Apple Pay – but the mobile payment service has struggled to attract new users since.
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One of the biggest hurdles Apple has to cross is simple awareness: apparently, many users have forgotten Apple Pay was an option:
“Among those that had tried Apple Pay but weren’t consistent users, nearly a third (32 percent) said they simply forgot it was an option.”
Other reasons users were hesitant to adopt Apple Pay included:
-31% of respondents were unsure if certain merchants accepted Apple Pay
-20% said they simply preferred to pay for transactions using any other method
Of course, Apple Pay does still have its fans. When studying Apple Pay users, the InfoScout study revealed the following information:
-79% said it was more convenient than other forms of payment
-77% noted it was faster than other forms of payment
-73% claimed Apple Pay was easier than other methods
-70% believed it was more secure
Of course, those who haven’t adopted Apple Pay simply don’t see the benefits. In that group, 53% of users rank Apple Pay as equal to swiping in terms of ease of use, while 55% rank it as equal to the swipe in terms of speed. 48% claim that Apple Pay is equally as secure as using a credit card.
Ultimately, 85% of iPhone 6 users have never touched the Apple Pay app. You can read the full results of the study here – but the numbers all tell a similar story: Apple needs to increase awareness of its product if it wants mobile payment technology to succeed.

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