PC gaming is well into its fourth decade of existence. Over that time, we’ve seen the industry move from text-based gaming adventures to the scary-realistic HD simulations we have now. Somewhere in the between, there lived a number of classic games that some people still play and adore to this day.
If you want to capture some nostalgia of the early days of PC gaming, or if you just want to see what people mean when they talk about how awesome Wolfenstein 3D was, then you can check out the following classic games that are legally available for free today:

5) Google Pac-Man

Back in the day, Pac-Man was only available on arcade machines. Today, it can be found on all sorts of different devices. And as an homage to the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man, Google even released its own mini browser version of the classic. You can play that classic for free by clicking here. Just don’t try to put a coin into your computer when the game says ‘Insert Coin’

4) Wolfenstein 3D

Way back in 1992, id Software was the first to create a decent 3D shooter game. Today, Wolfenstein 3D feels primitive alongside Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare. But that’s what makes it special. You can check out one browser-based version of Wolfenstein 3D here. Shoot your way through the Nazi-infested corridors of a castle and get ready to open lots of doors on your path to victory.

3) Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn

Command and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn was only recently released as a free browser-based game. Check out the HTML5 version of Tiberian Dawn here and you’ll find a full-fledged RTS all from the comfort of your own browser.

2) Grand Theft Auto I and II

GTA I and II have been free for many years. Although not many users played these games when they were first released, they’re an interesting look at the early days of the GTA franchise. GTA III marked the first transition to 3D, which means GTA I and II are played in top-down 2D. It doesn’t feel like the Grand Theft Auto we know in any way, shape, or form, but they’re still pretty fun games.
Download GTA I and II from the official Rockstar website here

1) EverQuest II

EverQuest was the first MMORPG that many PC gamers ever experienced. And surprisingly, both EverQuest and EverQuest II are still played by thousands of people today. EverQuest II is far more accessible than the first EverQuest, and SOE has actually made the game available for free.
The free version of EverQuest II includes the base game, six expansion packs, and three adventure packs. Players can play for as long as they want for free and can level characters up to 90. The main restrictions involve bag slots, character slots, and activate journal quests. Aside than those minor restrictions, the free version of EverQuest II is perfectly playable – and it’s a great way to recapture the nostalgia you felt during the early days of the MMORPG era.
Download the free version of EverQuest II from here

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