When Watch Dogs debuted at E3 2013, people got really excited.
One of the major reasons people were excited was because Watch Dogs was scheduled for release in Fall 2013. Unfortunately, the game was delayed 6 months and wasn’t released until May 27, 2014.
In any case, the game is now out for PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and most importantly, PC.
Is Watch Dogs worth your $60? Should you buy Watch Dogs for PC? Here are some of the most important things to know from Watch Dogs reviews:
Ubisoft spent three years researching hackers and the hacking community. Ubisoft went to Defcon and Blackhat hacking conferences and also hired Kaspersky consultants on its team in order to give its game maximum realism. Yes, the game is a work of fiction, but it does contain elements of realism.
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-PC Gamer (US): PC Gamer gave Watch Dogs 87, which is a high score for a publication which is notoriously tough on games. PC Gamer praised Watch Dogs for its “Creative hacking and covert multiplayer modes [which] bring exciting new life to otherwise familiar open-world man-shooting.”
-IGN: IGN reviewer Dan Stapleton gave Watch Dogs 8.4 out of 10. Dan praised Watch Dogs for its engaging open world, creative hacking powers, diverse mission goals, and memorable campaign. At the same time, Watch Dogs was slammed for its weak car chases and auto-fail stealth missions, both of which were frustrating distractions from good hacking action.
-IncGamers: IncGamers, which is not a major game reviewer but a reviewer nonetheless, awarded Watch Dogs a relatively low score of 6/10, saying “Decent, but not great. Watch Dogs is certainly worth playing, but it’s not even close to living up to what’s been shown off since it was announced.” He also disagreed with other reviewers and said that the city and environments felt “charmless” instead of engaging.
Ultimately, Watch Dogs seems to have failed to live up to its extremely high hype – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The hype around Watch Dogs was so ridiculously high that most games would not live up to it.
Most of the reviews for Watch Dogs on PC are positive. The game has innovative gameplay  and it turns something that could be a gimmick – hacking – into an entertaining magic show.
At the same time, Watch Dogs manages to simplify hacking and make ordinary people feel like they have amazing hacking skills. It’s an innovative game that features an original storyline and is not a sequel – which is a pleasant change for a highly-anticipated PC game.
The only real flaw about Watch Dogs is its driving system, which has been trashed in virtually all Watch Dogs reviews. Watch Dogs, for whatever reason, has awful driving mechanics with vehicles, but awesome driving mechanics with motorbikes. Another complaint exclusive to the PC version of Watch Dogs is the poor graphics quality: console gamers may have grown accustomed to 30fps frame rates and low-quality graphics but PC gamers tend to have higher standards.
If you can get past the driving flaws, you’ll reportedly find an engaging, open-world game that lets you see a living city like you’ve never seen it before. Watch Dogs is available today for all major platforms.

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