Apple has faced an onslaught of security attacks in recent years. The company has been notoriously slow in responding to virus threats, causing many in the PC industry to turn their noses down at Apple. While Microsoft and Linux-based operating systems release security patches immediately after viruses are found, Apple often takes several months to release the same patches.
Today, Apple has finally upgraded its antivirus protection on Mac OSX. The new update makes it more difficult for malware, viruses, and other malicious threats to get control of a system. While it’s not a foolproof security upgrade, it’s a big improvement over where Mac OSX security once was.
Just a couple months ago, Apple removed a line from its MacBook advertising pitch that claimed “Macs don’t get PC viruses.” They removed it because their lawyers told them it was an outright lie, and that the tech giant was going to get in serious legal trouble if they kept up the façade.
Will this security patch help Apple users forget about the infections that riddled Mac OSX earlier this year? It wasn’t long ago that hundreds of thousands of Apple users were affected by the infamous Flashback virus, which stole passwords and other personal information directly from Mac computers.
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