Facebook malware is the worst. For those who still use Facebook, you’ve probably come to realize that the world’s largest social network is filled with mostly two things: advertisements and malware.
Every day I check Facebook, I see a scam link shared by a friend telling me to check out something awesome. Or, I see some random group post liked by a coworker from 8 years ago. It’s pointless garbage and it’s a major reason why people under 30 have virtually stopped using Facebook.
There’s new Facebook malware going around that relies on our innate curiosity and willingness to believe anything we read online:

mh370 malware

Just like malicious individuals apparently hijacked Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, so too have malicious individuals spread MH370-related malware onto the internet.
This latest malware claims that MH370 has been found and encourages users to click on the image for the exclusive video.
There are actually a few different instances of this malware. The picture linked above is the least convincing one I’ve seen. More convincing ones use apparent YouTube links plastered with official CNN logos and other marks of authentication.
mh370 scam
The ones that tend to trick users most effectively feature play buttons designed to look like the official play buttons on YouTube or Facebook. It looks like it would be so easy to click on that video and learn exactly where that missing flight went, but it’s obviously just a ploy to get you to visit a malicious website.
The malicious websites vary from software scams – which trick users into downloading performance-draining software – to phishing websites which steal your personal information.
One of the most popular MH370 malware plots, for example, asks users to login to their Facebook or Twitter accounts and share the video with friends before viewing it.
As of today, Malaysia Airlines MH370 has still not been found. If you see news like that appear on Facebook and are tempted to click on it, then visit a real news website to verify the discovery instead of blindly clicking on everything in your path.
If you are one of the idiots who fell for this malware (yes, you are an idiot), then you’re going to want to change your Facebook password as soon as possible.

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