If you’ve tried to download Panda Cloud Antivirus from the internet lately, then you may have inadvertently infected your computer with a virus. A new Trojan virus is calling itself 2.4.exe while disguising itself as the latest version of the popular Panda Security app.
If users download and run 2.4.exe, it appears that Panda Security has been legitimately installed. There is even a Panda Security icon on the desktop. However, once users click on that icon, their computers are instantly infected with a Trojan called DarkAngle.
That Trojan keeps track of all user input into the computer, which means hackers could be monitoring banking passwords, social media accounts, and any other information that is entered over the system. Once that information has been collected, it’s sent to a remote server where cyber criminals can then analyze the information and use it to steal your identity and perform other nefarious tasks.
Frighteningly enough, this Trojan is managing to evade most of today’s antivirus software. Any time users try to scan their systems, DarkAngle deactivates itself before running again when the scan completes. DarkAngle also automatically boots up whenever users start their system.
Trojans like this are extremely frustrating for users. In addition to stealthily attacking the system by mimicking Panda Security, they’re exceptionally difficult to remove. If you want to stay up to date on this issue, then visit the official website of Panda Security for more information.

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