Steve Ballmer stepped down as CEO of Microsoft earlier this year.
How does Steve Ballmer spend his time these days?
As a tech billionaire, Ballmer could spend millions of dollars every year for the rest of his life without worrying about running out of money.
Or, he could do what a lot of billionaires enjoy doing and buy a professional sports team.
According to new reports from TMZ, that’s exactly what Ballmer is trying to do. Ballmer reportedly met with Shelly Sterling, the wife of infamous NBA owner Donald Sterling, to discuss buying the Clippers.
Ballmer and several other celebrities have been connected to the Clippers since the whole Sterling debacle emerged. Since then, Sterling has given over control of the team to his estranged wife in preparation for a sale.
Baller joins Magic Johnson and a list of other celebrities who have reportedly expressed interest in buying the Clippers.
Moving the team to Seattle?
If Ballmer does buy the L.A. Clippers, then they may not be the Clippers for long. Ballmer has spent most of his life in Seattle and has a deep connection to the region.


Seattle has a rabid sports fanbase hungry for professional entertainment. Over the past few years, arena deals have been made to try to attract NBA and NHL teams to the area, but nothing solid has come through thus far.
If Ballmer does indeed buy the Clippers, then they could be moving north to become to new and improved Seattle Sonics.
As with any professional sports team moves, the NBA would have to approve the relocation. Ballmer couldn’t just buy a team and move it to Seattle.
Ultimately, Ballmer is worth $20.2 billion. The Clippers are worth an estimated $500 million to $600 million. That’s chump change to Ballmer and he would truly be a hero to the people of Seattle if he was able to bring the Sonics home.

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