Phishing has been a common problem for internet users ever since the World Wide Web was first created (okay, maybe not that early). Hackers use phishing techniques to steal email addresses, user information, and other sensitive data from individuals on the internet. This data can be used to steal money from bank accounts or to replicate somebody’s identity.
In any case, phishing is very bad. So bad, in fact, that many of today’s best antivirus software programs now include powerful anti-phishing features that provide additional protection for users against phishing attacks.
Here are a few common sources of phishing attacks:
-Spam emails

-Malicious websites

-Programs and software on your computer
-Social networks like Twitter and Facebook
-And hundreds of other online sources
Fortunately, at least one social media website is taking an active stance against phishing attacks. Facebook announced today that it had created an email address called [email protected] that will allow users to report any phishing attempts.
Today, many phishing attacks are spread through Facebook. While the powerful spam filters on services like Gmail can effectively block spam attacks headed towards our email accounts, users don’t have the same protection on Facebook. Sometimes, Facebook phishing attacks originate from apps, while in other cases, they originate from fake emails that appear to originate from Facebook.
Using the [email protected] email, anybody can report phishing attempts that originated on Facebook. Simply send a message describing the details of the attack, then include a link to the app or the person from which the phishing attack originated (if possible).
Even if you don’t email [email protected], there are easy steps you can take to avoid phishing attacks that are spread through Facebook. Don’t add friends you don’t know, and don’t respond to messages from people you don’t know. Most importantly, never click on a suspicious-looking link that has been sent through Facebook, even if it was sent by someone you know.
To learn more about Facebook’s new phishing protection, check out the official release notice on Facebook’s blog.
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