There are lots of good reasons to rotate a PC screen. Maybe you’re using dual monitors and you want one monitor to display landscape documents. Or, maybe you spend a lot of time looking at sideways images and upside down pictures.
Whether you want to rotate your PC screen or rotate your entire display, we’re here to show you how it’s done.
Before we begin
Before we begin, it’s important to note that Windows has very little to do with the orientation of your screen. On most computers, you’ll find screen rotation options with your graphics card drivers instead of in your Windows display settings.

Method 1: Open video card software

Most people have one of two different graphics cards: Nvidia or AMD. Nvidia cards use the Control Panel, while AMD cards use Catalyst.
If you don’t know which type of video card you have, open your Start menu and type in dxdiag, then open the Display tab and look at the first entry. Does it say Nvidia or AMD? Good. Download the appropriate software program linked above.
rotate nvidia display
If your menu says Intel integrated graphics or the name of some other card, then you’ll need to use one of the other methods listed here.
For Nvidia Control Panel users…
-Open Nvidia Control Panel by right-clicking the Nvidia icon in your system tray
-Under the Display subheading, click Rotate Display
-Choose which orientation you would like for your monitors, including landscape, landscape flipped, portrait, or portrait flipped
For AMD Catalyst users…
-Open Catalyst
-Click Orientation
-Choose the appropriate orientation for your monitors

Method 2: Easy keyboard shortcut

On Windows 7 and Windows 8, there’s an easy keyboard shortcut that lets you rotate your PC screen around your monitor.

rotate monitor

However, it won’t work on all systems. It’s particularly common on laptops with embedded graphics cards. However, if you’re a desktop or laptop user, give this shortcut a try:
Shift + Alt + Any Arrow Key
Did that work? Awesome! If not, try Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Key, which is less popular. If that still doesn’t work, move on to our next methods.

Method 3: System Control Panel

If the shortcut listed above didn’t work and you’re using Intel graphics drivers, then the shortcut may be blocked for some reason or another. To work around that shortcut, open the Windows Control Panel and look for Screen Rotation or Orientation options under the Appearance and Personalization section
rotate screen windows
Here’s an easy way to access your Control Panel orientation settings in Windows 7 or 8:
-Right click anywhere on the desktop
-Click Screen Resolution
-Under that menu, look for Orientation. From here, you can choose to orient your screen in Landscape, Landscape Flipped, Portrait, and Portrait Flipped modes
-If you don’t see anything in that menu about orientation, then you’ll likely see an Nvidia, AMD, or Intel logo at the bottom of that menu. Click that to be taken to your graphics driver’s own menu

Method 4: Let’s Get Physical

Want a quick and easy way to rotate your PC’s screen 90 degrees? Want a method that doesn’t require you to access the Control Panel or even turn on your computer at all?
rotate pc screen
Pick up your monitor and physically flip it 90 degrees to the side.
Or, tilt your head. Whatever works.
But seriously, I recommend method 3 if the shortcut listed above doesn’t work. It’s the easiest – even if you’re no good at using computers.

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