If you’re an internet user like me, then you’ve got like 30 tabs open at any one time.
My worst nightmare is when my speakers start making noise when I have 30 tabs open. That means I have to go through each individual tab and look for an automated video player or background music player.
It’s annoying and time-consuming. And I know I’m not the only one who gets annoyed by noise-making tabs.
That’s why I love a recent update to Google Chrome, which tells you exactly which tabs are making noise. When a tab is making noise, a little speaker symbol appears in that tab to the right of the tab’s name, like this:
fix pc free google chrome update
That symbol tells you which tab is making noise.
There are actually three new tab symbols that appeared in the latest upgrade to Google Chrome, which is called version 32.
The other two symbols are a little more worrying:
chrome version 32 update
Most websites can’t access your webcam without your explicit permission, but it would be scary to look up and see that symbol from an unauthorized tab. Meanwhile, the “casting to your TV” symbol is just a fancy way to advertise Chrome TV.
So how do you tell which tabs are making noise? Follow this ridiculously easy step by step guide:
Step 1) Download and install the latest version of Google Chrome
Step 2) When you hear noise from an unidentified webpage, look for the audio symbol in Chrome and close that tab or pause the music
That’s it! 

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