CES 2014 always has cool tech products. In fact, the entire convention is based around “cool tech products.”
But CES 2014 also has a crazier side. In this crazier side, there are “smart forks” that track how fast you’re moving food to and from your mouth. There are curved TVs. And there are “smart collars” for your dog.
Ready to learn about the crazier side of CES 2014? Keep reading!

5) Voyce Wellness Monitor for Dogs

A few years ago, dog owners had to actually look at their dog to see if it was still alive. Thanks to the Voyce Wellness Monitor, you don’t have to do that anymore.
The Voyce Wellness Monitor was unveiled at CES 2014 and aims to “bridge the communication gap between dogs, their owners, and the people who love them.”
How does the Wellness Monitor do that? The monitor attaches to your dog’s neck like an ordinary collar. This collar uses an accelerometer to track your dog’s activity on a daily basis. It will track activity over time and tell you how many calories your dog is burning.

voyce dog monitor app

That all sounds pretty basic, but here’s where the Wellness Monitor gets a little more interesting: it monitors changes in activity and rest in an effort to spot early symptoms of conditions like hip dysplasia, heart problems, and other doggy diseases.
The collar also measures your dog’s respiratory rate and heart rate. And like every other tech device around these days, you can track all of this information using the Voyce app.
You can then share this information with your dog’s vet to get a better idea of your dog’s health.
If you’re a dog owner looking for peace of mind, then the Voyce Wellness Monitor could give you that peace of mind.

4) Samsung U9000 Curved UHD TV

Samsung’s curved TV might be most well-known for causing Michael Bay to storm out of the room awkwardly during the initial unveiling. I still think that was part of an elaborate publicity stunt because the incident received oodles of coverage all over the world, which I’m sure Samsung loved.
Nevertheless, Samsung’s U9000 Curved UHD TV is as bizarre as it is cool. Most people have never watched TV on a curved screen or even seen a curved screen in the wild.

Thanks to recent technological advances, Samsung is now able to create curved screens on its TVs, smartphones, and tablets. The U9000 comes in three different sizes: 55, 65, and 78 inches, all of which include 4K resolution, also known as Ultra HD or UHD.
As if a curved Ultra HD screen wasn’t unique enough, the U9000 also includes another innovative feature: a removable “Evolution Kit” that helps you future proof your TV. You can use that kit to swap out components, the processor, and other parts in the future.
So if you were hesitant to spend $5,000 on a TV because you didn’t want it to be obsolete in three years, then the U9000 might be on your wish list.

3) CyberPower Battle Box

One of the hardest parts about being a serious PC gamer is lugging your big rig to every gaming event and LAN party.
PCs are rarely designed to be portable – especially when you’ve got multiple video cards, hard drives, and other devices crammed into your case.
cyberpower battle box
That’s why gamers took note of the CyberPower Battle Box, which looks like a nuclear suitcase from a Bond movie. The sporty looking case includes a handle at the top and can be carried around just like you see in the picture. There are fans and grills along the side to ensure adequate air flow.
The Battle Box also packs a good hardware punch, including an i7 4770K with 3.50GHz, 120GB SSD, 1TB HDD, GTX 780 Ti, 16GB RAM, and Windows 8.1.
battle box cyber power
No pricing details yet, but don’t expect the Battle Box to be cheap. Still, you have to admire the case design. It couldn’t have been easy to cram that much hardware into a case slightly larger than an Xbox.

2) Asus 28-inch 4K PC Monitor for $799

4K PC monitors aren’t revolutionary. They were seen at last year’s CES 2014, which was the coming out party for 4K devices.
However, this year, Asus revealed the PB287Q, a 28 inch 4K monitor. What’s so special about this monitor? It costs just $799!
asus 4k monitor cheap
Most other 4K monitors and TVs cost several thousand dollars, placing them far beyond the range of the average PC user. Most PC users still aren’t going to spend $799 on a monitor, but it’s good to know that you don’t have to chop off your arm and leg to afford a 4K device these days.

1) PrioVR Suit

The Oculus Rift is cool because you can control PC movement using your head movements. But do you know what’s cooler? Controlling PC movements using your entire body.
Check out the video below to get an idea of what I’m talking about:

Pretty amazing, right? That thing is called the PrioVR and it uses “next-generation inertial sensor solutions that provide real-time tracking, movement, and orientation data.”
The suit can be used for more than just zombie killing video games. It’s also designed for use in the medical, entertainment, industrial, and military industries.
Can you imagine what gaming would be like when you combine a suit like this with the Oculus Rift? I hope I live long enough to experience that level of gaming!

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