You have to give Microsoft credit: adding a “Windows is checking for a solution to the problem…” message to the screen after every program crash sounded like a good idea in theory. But in actual practice, Windows never finds a solution to that problem, and users have to spend a few minutes extra staring at their screen before they can start using their computer once more.
Fortunately, there’s a relatively easy way to remove this message and prevent it from ever popping up again. If you’re sick and tired (like me) of watching Windows fruitlessly try to solve every program crash, then you should take a few minutes to implement this solution:

In Windows 7

Step 1) Type Action Center into the Start menu search bar and click on the Action Center entry that pops up
Step 2) Click on the Change Action Center settings link from the left sidebar
Step 3) Look at the bottom of the page for the link entitled Problem Reporting Settings
Step 4) Tick the radial button beside Never check for solutions

Step 5) Click Ok to apply changes and exit and you will never have to see that stupid message again

In Windows Vista

Step 1) Go to Start
Step 2) Click on All Programs
Step 3) Click on Maintenance
Step 4) Click on Problem Reports and Solutions
Step 5) From the Problem Reports and Solutions window, click Change settings > Advanced settings > Turn off problem settings. And you’re done!
Maybe with future versions of Windows, Microsoft will spend some time making sure this maintenance button actually works. Until then, it’s better to just disable it.

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