Grand Theft Auto V was one of the biggest game releases of 2013. And its “next gen” version may be the biggest game release of 2014.
Err, 2015 for PC fans.
Grand Theft Auto V is dropping on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 18, 2014. PC gamers will get the game two months later, in January 2015.
But by all early accounts, it will definitely be worth the wait. Rockstar recently released a trailer showing off the new first person mode. For the first time in modern GTA history, you can enjoy a fully fleshed out first-person mode. Check out the trailer below:

In that trailer, we see all three characters driving around various environments. It starts with Michael driving away from police in the darkened hills above the city of Los Santos.
Then, Trevor takes a daring helicopter flight through the deadly field of windmills before cutting to a frightening firefight in the ghetto.
gta 5 first person 2
Ultimately, this new first person mode lets you play the entire game like you would play a first person shooter. It totally changes the feel of the game’s shooting mechanics – although the core elements are still there.
Rockstar, however, has edited the aiming function to more easily accommodate first person mode. So don’t expect the same awkward, ghostly reticule movement you’ll find in some games that have been converted to first person.
A lot of game developers will “lazily” integrate first person mode into their titles. On Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar appears to have gone the extra mile towards making GTA the best first-person game it could be.
One great example of this is the new cockpits which you’ll find in every vehicle in the game. Cars have totally custom dashboards and fighter jets have a beautiful in-cockpit view.

 gta 5 first person

Not to mention the little features, like the fact that the ambient noise gets muffled when you use first person mode while wearing a bicycle helmet.

More than just first person mode

Of course, the next gen version of GTA V is about more than just first person mode. That’s just a cherry on top of the cake of all the other amazing features Rockstar is implementing. Those features include:
-Vastly superior graphics. Check out the video below to see what I’m talking about

-New wildlife
-Greater density in cities, including more people and more traffic
-New wildlife out in the forests and wilderness areas
-Longer draw distance, which means you’ll be able to see further
Plus, all your progress from the first GTA V will transfer over to the new version. So you don’t need to complete the campaign again – unless you want to.

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